HR-AFGM-2444S-400 سوئیچ شبکه مدیریتی

ضمانت بهترین قیمت

پشتیبانی 24 ساعته

ضمانت کالا


سوئیچ شبکه PoE مدیریتی دارای ۲۴ پورت و ۴پورت آپلینک اترنت گیگ و ۴پورت SFP گیگ( Combo)

دارای پهنای باند  ۵۶Gbps





L2 Management


I/O Interface
PowerInput: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Ethernet۲۴* ۱۰/۱۰۰/۱۰۰۰Mbps PoE Port
۴* ۱۰۰۰M RJ45 Port (Combo)
۴*۱۰۰۰M SFP Port
۱ * RJ45 Console Port
Switching Capacity۵۶Gbps
Packet Buffer۴Mb
Flash Memory۱۶MB
MAC Address۸K
Jumbo Frame۹.۶Kbytes
Transfer ModeStore and forward
MTBF۱۰۰۰۰۰ hour
Network protocolIEEE 802.3:Ethernet MAC Protocol
IEEE 802.3i:۱۰BASE-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3u:۱۰۰BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ab:۱۰۰۰BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.3z:۱۰۰۰BASE-X Gigabit Ethernet (optical fiber)
IEEE 802.3az:Energy Efficient Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ad:Standard method for performing link aggregation
IEEE 802.3x:Flow control
IEEE 802.1ab: LLDP/LLDP-MED (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
IEEE 802.1p:LAN Layer QoS/CoS Protocol Traffic Prioritization(Multicast filtering function)
IEEE 802.1q:VLAN Bridge Operation
IEEE 802.1x:Client/Server Access Control and Authentication Protocol
IEEE 802.1d:STP
IEEE 802.1s:MSTP
IEEE 802.1w:RSTP
PoE ProtocolIEEE802.3af (۱۵.۴W)
IEEE802.3at (۳۰W)
Industry StandardEMI: FCC Part 15 CISPR (EN55032) class A
EMS: EN61000-4-2 (ESD)
EN61000-4-4 (EFT)
EN61000-4-5 (Surge)
Network Medium۱۰Base-T : Cat3、۴、۵ or above UTP(≤۱۰۰m)
۱۰۰Base-TX : Cat5  or above UTP(≤۱۰۰m)
۱۰۰۰Base-TX : Cat5  or above UTP(≤۱۰۰m)
Multi-mode Fiber: 50/125、۶۲.۵/۱۲۵、۱۰۰/۱۴۰um
Single-mode Fiber: 8/125、۸.۷/۱۲۵、۹/۱۲۵、۱۰/۱۲۵um
Security CertificaeCE、FCC、RoHS
Working EnvironmentWorking Temperature:-۲۰~۵۰°C
Storage Temperature:-۴۰~۸۵°C
Working Humidity :۱۰%~۹۰%,non-condensing
Storage Temperature:۵%~۹۰%,non-condensing
Working Height:Maximum10,000 feet
Storage heigh:Maximum 10,000 feet
LED IndicatorsPWR(power supply),SYS(System),1-24 PoE&ACT (PoE), 1-24 Link&ACT(Link&Act), 25-28 Link(Link), ۲۵-۲۸ Act (Act)
DIP SwitchReset
Structure SizeProduct Dimension (L*W*H): 440* 280*44mm
Package Dimension (L*W*H): 500*365*85mm
Packing InfoCarton MEAS:۶۰۰*۴۹۵*۴۳۵mm
Packing Qty:۵ units
Packing Weight:۲۴KG
Power VoltageInput Voltage :AC 100-240 V
Power supply:۵۲V7.69A
Package ListSwitch 1 pcs, Power cord 1 pcs, User manual 1 pc, Warranty card 1 pc, Brackets 1 pair(Selectable)
Software function
Port ManagementEnable/Disable Port
Speed、Duplex、MTU Setting
Port Information Check
Port MirroringSupports both side-way port mirroring
Port Speed LimitSupports port-based input / output bandwidth management
Port IsolationSupport the downlink port isolation, and can communicate with the uplink port
Storm SuppressionSupports unknown unicast, multicast, unknown multicast,
broadcast type storm suppression
Storm suppression based on bandwidth regulation and storm filtering
Link AggregationSupport static manual aggregation
Support LACP dynamic aggregation
Support port, protocol, MAC-based VLAN partitioning
Support GVRP dynamic VLAN registration
Voice  VLAN
MACSupport static addition, deletion
MAC address learning limit
Support dynamic aging time setting
Spanning treeSupport STP spanning tree protocol
Supports RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
Supports MSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
MulticastSupport static addition, deletion
Support MLD-Snooping
Support v1/2/3 dynamic multicast monitor
Extended Function
ACLBased on source MAC, destination MAC, protocol type, source IP, destination IP, L4 port
QosBased on 802.1p (COS) classification
Based on DSCP classification
Classification based on source IP, destination IP, and port number
Support SP, WRR scheduling strategy
Support flow rate limit CAR
LLDPSupport LLDP link discovery protocol
User settingsAdd/delete users
LogUser login, operation, status, events
Anti-attackDOS defense
Support CPU protection and limits the rate of sending cpu packets
ARP binding (IP, MAC, PORT binding)
CertificationSupport 802.1x port authentication
Support AAA certification
Network diagnosisSupport ping、telnet、trace
System ManagementDevice reset, configuration save/restore, upgrade management, time setting, etc.
Management function
CLISupport serial port command line management
SSHSupport SSHv1/2 remote management
TELNETSupport telnet remote management
WEBSupport Layer 2 settings, Layer 2 and Layer 3 monitor
Support trap:ColdStart、WarmStart、LinkDown、LinkUp
RMONSupport RMON v1
POESupport PoE power supply
Other functionsSupport  DHCP Snooping、Option82、DHCP Server
Support dynamic ARP detection
Support TACACS+ certification
Support DNS certification
Support port security settings
Support MVR protocol
Support cable detection VCT function
Support UDLD protocol

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